to ensure consumer gratification


serving all mobile subscribers

Telecom market is vast in Bangladesh and Genex takes the pride of handling the operators’ customers under its wing. The wide range of services that Genex provides to telcos are Inbound - IVR & Non-Voice, Outbound - customer retention, brand promotion etc, and data center that basically expertize in IT support. The benefits that operators bask in are improved leads acquisition, increased customer satisfaction and retention, cost effectiveness enhancing ROI etc.

This specific industry definitely relies upon long term relationship on customers and Genex’s services allowed this industry to retain and acquire customers. The present and future of business is customer centric and the facilities that they enjoy are 24x7 customer support, account management, enquiry handling, complaints resolution, telesales and telemarketing etc. Happy customers are those that can avail services or consulted immediately when needed and this specific industry, where a life time’s earning is being gambled, knows how to ensure their customers. From account activation to policy tracing, Genex has contributed this industry leaders to hike their ROI while cutting cost via outsourcing customer service.


Banking and its associated users


For public promotions

Genex have been serving quite a few government ventures with its BPO services. It’s always a privilege to serve the public sector.

Starting from catalog to e-retail, businesses these days must have a service center operating 24x7. Interaction is key to a healthy customer cycle and Genex has successfully been the trustworthy partner to a bunch. Not just telephone, Genex has partnered with retailers with multi platform services like live web chat, email, and even text messaging and additional voice and IVR at a lower cost base. With the benefit of enhancing their ROI and retaining customers at a lower cost, retailers are most interactive with our 360 degree leads and customer management solution systems and expertise with their clients.


post purchase and enquiry servicing